The main components of a profile machine are the mechanical frame, cnc system and cutting process.The machine frames benefit from a clean up, but the CNC system can be costly to repair, especially older systems and as parts become scarce, the price tends to go up.

Techserv offer a solution to this problem.

We have fitted new Techserv CNC systems to many machines that were considered beyond economic repair. It can even be cheaper to fit a new controller rather than buy spares for a system.

Mach 3 upgrades to R-Tech and Swift Cut machines are easy to carry out with good results.

We have replaced controllers from the following manufacturers

Burny – 2.5 , 3, 5, 10 and Phantom controls


Esab – most types

Messer – most types


Swift Cut Mach 3




R -Tech

Plasma Cam


Linatrol, Wescan

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