CNC System Features

CNC System Features

Close-up of System Features




Simply select the material thickness, type and the cutting current you want to use and the system sets up all other parameters automatically, including cutting speed, initial height, cutting height, pierce delay, arc voltage etc. Also when flame cutting, the gas pressures are automatically set using a proportional pressure valve.

Cutting speed can be varied on the fly, along with all height sense parameters, oxygen pressure etc.


Data Logging


The CNC system produces a daily log file, detailing most functions including, cut on, gas on, job running, job name, screen name etc. Data is logged per second and an off line viewing programme gives an easy to read visual indication of any days activities along with a job list with timings.




The CNC system has comprehensive diagnostics and test screens allowing all functions to be confirmed including re-configurable inputs and outputs.


Dynamic re-position


Using the pop up jog panel, parts can be moved around the plate in test mode and moved to the correct position. This feature is used if the material to be cut is an irregular shape or the parts are a tight fit on the plate.


Easy Shape Selection


The system can import programmes from a wide range of systems, including ESSI, Word Address, GCode, Strucad and DXF etc. Parts can be previewed prior to selection and the rotated, mirrored and scaled if necessary.


Forward and reverse along cut path.


Steel warms up when cut and can flex when the manufacturing stresses are removed, this can cause the plasma or gas cutting stream to be extinguished. Pressing the backup button causes the machine to reverse along the cutting path so the cut can be re-established, reducing scrap.

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