Techserv CNC Hardware

The Techserv CNC system has been designed for new machines and as a retrofit solution.

As a result there are a number of options available for the machine builder to suit most scenarios.

Existing stepper drives

Suitable for new and retrofit systems the card includes 4 step and direction outputs along with plasma and gas interface.

New Stepper drives

This solution includes an interface board that with plug connectors for the machine wiring and edge connectors for Gecko stepper boards

Brushless drives

Includes a mains distribution board, Y carriage and head distribution board, motherboard and drive signal interface board. Set up for use with Omron drives.

Integrated drives

System on a board, full plasma I/O, 4 integrated stepper drive amplifiers, emergency stop system. Just add power supplies and a PC.

ABB Nextmove ES

The Nextmove card is the brains of the motion control and each system requires one card.


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Existing Stepper drives


The Techserv motherboard provides all the I/O required for a stepper machine and is ideal for new or retrofit systems. All inputs and outputs are via opto isolators.

4 axis of step, direction and enable signals, arranged as X, Y, YY, & Z axis.

4 axis home limits

1 Initial height sense touch input

1 isolated arc voltage input

Looped Emergency stop input and onboard Estop relay

Laser pointer supply output

Plasma start relay ( isolated )

Plasma OK to move input ( isolated )

Nextmove ES card socket

Fan and marker output

New Stepper drives


The Techserv stepper I/O card links with the motherboard ( above ) and provides the following additional features.

Amp connectors for all machine wiring

Additional outputs for controlling a gas head

Proportional gas valve output

4 edge connectors for Gecko G201X stepper amplifiers

4 ribbon cables link the boards

Brushless drives


Designed to provide an interface between the Techserv motherboard and Omron brushless drives the pcb set provides all the I/O required for a plasma or plasma gas machine.

The Omron drive control cables connect to the interface board along with the Z axis stepper drive which is driven by a Gecko G201X connected to the end of the card.

The power card includes a mains contactor, switched and unswitched supplies along with individual line filter connectors. This card also provides mains power for the PC, monitor and additional power supply. Also 24 volts and 5 volt outputs.

Integrated drives


Complete system on a board.

This solution integrates 4 drive amplifiers, plasma I/O including isolated arc voltage and ohmic clip circuitry, home switches and emergency stop relays.

The drive amps can provide 2 amps per motor and are 1/8 th micro stepping for smooth control.

All I/O is brought out along one side of the card via connectors.

Just requires a PC , laptop or tablet ( Windows 10 ) and a couple of brick type power supplies.


ABB Nextmove ES


The brain of the system. The ABB Nextmove ES card is a full motion control system with 4 axis of control and is required in all the systems we supply.

It utilises a 32-bit 120MHz Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to control the motion and arc voltage height sense of the Techserv CNC System. As the motion control is carried out on this board the PC is free to handle the logic and graphical interface of the process, this results in accurate profiling with no lost blocks and the ability to reverse along a path.


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