HS 4000

hi quality cnc plasma cutter

Machine Details

Designed to offer the ultimate in CNC plasma profiling the HS4000 plasma cutting table is the ideal machine for precision profiling and matched to the hi performance plasma packs from Hypertherm HPR130 XPR300 and HPR 400. The Techserv HS4000 is manufactured using high grade extruded aluminium and water-jet cut aluminium plate 20, 10 and 5 mm thick, all water-jet cut parts are powder coated in our blue and grey colour scheme. We endeavor to water-jet cut every hole and integrate locating pegs and slots in the cut parts, to ensure perfect alignment. The HS4000 machine is not fabricated in the traditional sense but assembled and as a consequence requires no welding, grinding, stress relieving or machining, vastly reducing the labour required to build the machine.

Track – machined steel, mounted on mid level pedestals with rack to both rails.

Hose/cable supply – via drag chain feed ( customer to supply and fit support tray and brackets )

Carriages – 1850 mm long aluminium assemblies, incorporating the drives, wheels and check races.

Main beam – 240mm x 160mm precision extrusion, fitted with twin 25mm linear slides and 1.5mod rack.

Cutter carriage – 280 mm wide, with four precision linear bearings. The drive motor / gearbox is mounted on this carriage, drive is by rack and pinion.

Drives – Omron AC brushless motors, twin synchronised in the Y axis.

Gearboxes – precision low backlash planetary boxes in all axis, mounted on twin linear slides with pneumatic springing.

Electronics – integrated into the rear shelf of the machine to give an uncluttered design.

Height Sense – built in, with multi mode AVC and IHS

Operator Console – mounted on either the left or right hand carriage.

Plasma Torch protection – magnetic break away torch holder


The Techserv CNC is a PC based shape cutting controller, suitable for gas, plasma, water jet, laser and other applications.

The controller is based on a PC system running Windows 10

The software is designed to be easy to learn and use with many built in features and is operated using a 15” LCD touch screen.

Start, Stop, Go To and Reverse.

Eight Direction Jog

Graphic display of nest to be cut, with zoom

Real-time Graphics a cursor and path line change shows progress on job

Download files from a USB memory device network

Touch screen file selection

Select job preview

Alpha Numeric file name capability

Pre Programmed Flexi Shapes with graphical display

Row and Column Nesting

Automatic small hole slow down to give high quality hole cutting

Chain Cutting, Common side cutting.

Program Rotate, Mirror and Scale

Graphical touch screen Plate Alignment

Status Displays for Speed , X & Y position, program name & status.

Pre heat and pierce times can be taught via the screen

Job interrupt and return, permits move off to replace consumables, with return.

Full reverse along cut

Off path lead in Allows easy restart anywhere along the programme.

Test run facility with joy stick repositioning.

Feed rate override 5 – 200% of set speed

Extensive internal diagnostics.

Corner Height Disable

Lost cut recovery

Machines sizes

2 to 6 metres wide

4 to 30 metres long.

Multiple gas and plasma combinations

Plasma packs from 45 amps to 800 amps


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