GP 5000


The GP5000 machine is designed specifically to meet the needs of production gas cutting, being fabricated from heavy duty mild steel box section with machined bearing ways.

The machine is driven by twin synchronised rack and pinion drive in the long axis and stainless steel belt in the cross axis. Economically sized brushless motors combined with precision planetary gearboxes are mounted on linear slides and held into mesh with pneumatic rams. The resultant machine not only looks elegant, but performs very well and is easy to maintain.

Where possible we source parts from global suppliers, such as RS Components, to reduce the ongoing maintenance costs when the comprehensive 12 month warranty has expired.

The Techserv CNC system is packed with features and very easy to use via the intuitive touch screen interface. Powered by a conventional Windows 8 PC the need for expensive future upgrades are eliminated, all software is available from our download site with only six small files containing the machines set-up data. Remote assistance is available free of charge, even when out of the warranty period.

The Techserv CNC system is a multi process controller designed for gas, water-jet and a multiplicity of plasma systems. We have built in several features to produce excellent quality cuts with minimal operator training :-

Camera Scanning, this clip on scanner follows a black line drawn on white paper and is similar to the traditional ‘magic eye’ scanners. It is useful for one off jobs or for converting cardboard templates into parts. The scanner software produces both a ready to cut CNC file and a DXF that can be uploaded and edited in most CAD programmes.

Data Logging, the CNC system monitors the cutting process and produces a daily cutting log accurate to 1 second. The log includes the job name, start time , stop time, cut time and total job time. Breaks in production can easily be identified with the daily view utilisation chart and the numerical data can be used to corroborate manufacturing / costing estimates. The free viewer programme can be installed on multiple pc systems and when networked to the machine can display live cutting data.

Cut One Part, single parts can be cut from a nest by simply touching the part required, the system then removes that part from the nest for cutting. This is a useful feature to replace parts that have been damaged by subsequent processing or lost.


Machined rail with rack to both sides mounted on adjustable pedestals


Cable chain – customer to manufacture supports

Main and outboard carriage

Heavy 200mm box section 1700 mm long with 50 mm diameter check bearings, on to which are mounted the main motor / gearboxes. The drive motor/gearboxes are located within the carriage fabrication, mounted on a pair of linear slides and are pneumatically loaded into mesh with the drive rack

Main beam

Constructed from180mm box section with guide rails onto which the cutter carriages are mounted. An additional beam is provided to the rear to give a rigid box design. The drive motor/gearbox is located at one end of the beam on a pair of linear slides and is pneumatically loaded into mesh with the drive gear.

Top carriage

Stainless steel drive belt with domed drive and return wheel. The band is clamped to the main cutter carriage with a belt tension device.

Main cutter carriage

220 mm wide with 10 bearings for stability.

Carriage feed

The hose supplies across the machine are by drag chain conveyor.

HD motorised cutter post 

Fitted to the cutter carriage the post comprises of a substantial steel linear guide bar fitted into a linear bearing, this is driven by a rack and pinion drive, a high power DC motor drives the rack via a gearbox.

Automatic gas controls:

Plate thickness is set by the operator – pressures, speed and preheat are set accordingly. Preheat and slow pierce functions are automatically controlled.


The Techserv controller is a PC based shape cutting controller, suitable for gas, plasma, water jet machines.

The controller is based on a PC system running Windows 10

The software is designed to be easy to learn and use with many built in features and is operated using a 15” LCD touch screen.

15” LCD colour interactive touch screen

128 GB solid state hard disc

Start, stop, jump to and reverse.

Eight direction jog

Graphic display of nest to be cut, with zoom

Real-time graphics – a cursor and path line change shows progress on job

Download files from USB memory device or network

Touch screen file selection

Select job preview, touch the file name and the part programme is displayed.

Alpha numeric file name capability

Pre programmed standard shapes with graphical display

Row and column nesting

Chain cutting, common side cutting.

Program rotate, mirror and scale

Graphical plate alignment

Status displays for speed , X & Y position, program name & status Etc.

Auto or manual cutting mode

Pre heat and pierce times can be taught via the screen

Job interrupt and return, permits move off to replace consumables, with return.

Full reverse along cut

Off path lead in – allows easy restart anywhere along the programme.

Test run facility with joy stick repositioning.

Feed rate override 5 – 200% of set speed.

Corner height disable

Small hole slow down

Lost cut recovery

Full automatic gas pressure control for automatic preheat and piercing control

Data logging function collects cutting data as follows:job name, start time, end time, estimated cut time, actual cut time. The system also collects daily cutting activity data at 1 minute intervals with 1 second accuracy. A data display package is available for analysing the collected data if desired.

In built ‘cutting expert’ system displays recommended settings for gas and plasma cutting with a picture of the plasma parts and part numbers required.

The system can be ‘trained’ with the operators preferred settings which are stored for subsequent use.


Sealed motor mounted encoders with 2500 lines per revolution.

Drive system

Three axis brushless drives with rack and pinion to both transverse and longitudinal drive, the longitudinal drive is twin side with digital synchronisation, capable of 10 metre’s per minute drive speed. The motors are mated with precision planetary gearboxes and are mounted on twin linear slides, these are then sprung loaded on to the drive rack.



Plate width 2 to 5 metres

Plate length 4 to 40 metres

Cutting speed 5 to 15,000 mm/min

Suitable for both gas and plasma

Automatic gas pressure control

Up to 12 gas heads

Cutting thickness upto 500 mm thick


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