Easy Cut


Easy Cut CNC gas / plasma cutting system


The Easy Cut CNC cutting table can be fitted with a single gas or plasma cutting head or both.

Its easy to use CNC system has a large library of shapes built in so there is no need for a separate cad system.

The machine will also read dxf, nc1 strucad and CNC files. An scanning camera will follow a drawing ( option ).

In plasma mode the machine has fully automatic height sense with arc voltage control. The optional gas system has automatic high preheat and cut control.

The Easy Cut machine is versatile accurate plasma or gas cutting system at an unbeatable price.

Modern manufacturing methods and high quality components are combined in the Easy Cut to create a machine with outstanding performance. Featuring brushless motors and planetary gear boxes with rack and pinion drive. A linear slide is used on the top axis with steel rails for heavy duty use.

The machine comes complete with the Techserv CNC system as standard. Sophisticated but simple to use, the pc based touch screen controller includes built in flexi shapes, automatic height sense, plasma process wizards and online support as standard.

* Multiple bed offsets * Laser torch positioning * Intuitive control * Big friendly buttons * 32 bit DSP * Built in diagnostics * DXF, ESSI, WDR import * 15” touch screen display * Windows 7&8 powered * Plate Marking * Plate alignment * Multiprocessor CPU * Super hole technology * Uses off the shelf PC components * USB communication * Touch part selection * Mini nesting * Scanner system for following line drawn profiles



Plate size 5 ft x 5 ft or 10 ft long

Speed 50 to 6,000mm / min

Drives Three axis rack and pinion drive

Controller Techserv PC based CNC standalone control pedestal

Plasma Units Up to 105 Amp systems

Gas cutting up to 150 mm thick

Height sense Automatic voltage height control
& initial height sense




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