Blue Marlin PRO


Machine Details

The Blue Marlin Plasma CNC cutting machine is designed to give the best possible cut quality for sheet metal from ducting upto 30mm thick. Generally steel frame machines cannot accelerate quickly, causing small holes to become oval and corners burnt away. By using high quality aluminium components the Blue Marlin’s moving mass is kept to a minimum giving the machine excellent cutting performance. The Blue Marlin plasma table is compatible with most plasma packs and is designed specifically for use with hi precision plasma systems. We recommend the Hypertherm plasma range from the Powermax 45 XP through to an XPR 300


Precision linear slides mounted on both sides of the cutting bed coupled with four sealed linear bearing units.

Hose/cable supply

Via drag chain conveyor, capable of carrying the supply hoses, mounted to the side of the machine.


The main beam is supported on 20mm water jet cut aluminium slide plates these carry the main bearings and are each fitted with an AC brushless drive and gearbox assembly. The precision aluminium extrusion main beam has two hardened & ground linear slides, on which the top carriage runs.

Cutter carriage

This is manufactured from water jet cut aluminium, it is fitted with three sealed linear bearings and an AC brushless drive and gearbox assembly.

Cutter post

The cutting head includes an automatic arc voltage hight sense with in built initial height sensor.

Fume extraction cutting table

The single point down draught fume extraction table, is integral within the frame of the machine.

Drive system

High quality three axis synchronised Omron AC brushless drives mated to planetary gearboxes, with rack and pinion throughout. The drive assemblies are mounted on a pair of linear bearings and held into mesh with a pneumatic ram to give precise meshing of the pinions and rack. Drive speed 18 metres per minute.


The Techserv CNC is a PC based shape cutting controller, suitable for gas, plasma, water jet, laser and other applications.

The controller is based on a PC system running Windows ‘10’

The software is designed to be easy to learn and use with many built in features and is operated using a 15” LCD touch screen

Large hard disc

Start, Stop, Go To and Reverse.

Eight Direction Jog

Graphic display of nest to be cut, with zoom

Real-time Graphics a cursor and path line change shows progress on job

Download files from USB memory stick or network

Touch screen file selection

Select job preview, touch the file name and the part programme is displayed.

Alpha Numeric file name capability

Pre Programmed Standard Shapes with graphical display

Row and Column Nesting

Chain Cutting, Common side Cutting.

Program Rotate, Mirror and Scale

Graphical touch screen plate alignment

Status Displays for Speed, X & Y position, etc.

Auto or Manual cutting Mode

Pre heat and pierce times can be taught via the screen

Job interrupt and return, permits move off to replace consumables, with return.

Full reverse along cut

Off path lead in Allows easy restart anywhere along the programme.

Test run facility with joy stick re positioning.

Feed rate override 5 – 200% of set speed

Lost cut recovery