Case study: BABCOCK



WHAT: HS 4000



Babcock is the UK’s leading naval support business for the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defence. In addition to Royal Navy work, the facility in Appledore, North Devon is fabricating and building two Offshore Patrol Vessels for the Irish Navy.

The Appledore shipyard has been home to two Techserv HS 4000 Plasma cutters and a Techserv GP5000 gas cutter since 2008.

In addition, the Babcock yard houses an older multi bevel gas machine that has been retro-fitted by Techserv.

The speed and quality of the plasma cutting machines has transformed the capabilities of the yard says Clifford Edwards, who adds;

‘We got what we asked Techserv to build for us. The gas one originally was a Messer Griesheim, Techserv modified it, put the software on it to meet our requirements. We went over to plasma cutting but kept that one gas machine to cut up to 8 inches.’

Originally the plasma machines had wet beds.

We built the wet beds ourselves and since then we’ve gone away from the wet beds and bought the extraction units we’ve got now. It works better, cleaner, especially now with the dry beds we’ve got, it’s a much better working environment.’

Clifford Edwards mentions the good ongoing working relationship with Techserv, and the training supplied to Babcock’s own IT manager;

‘The ‘machines talk to Techserv’ and they can solve the problem for us.’

David Fishleigh adds:

‘Their aftercare is brilliant… They help me out no end, (I) just phone them. I’ve only got to pick the phone up and Paul or Mike will speak to me. Techserv are second to none.’

As well as offering high levels of service Techserv were able to offer a competitive price. Many thanks to Clifford Edwards and David Fishleigh.


Babcock, Hubbastone Rd




EX39 1UZ