CAM Software

Techserv write software for profile cutting. Our range covers automatic nesting / plate optimisation software. Machine monitoring and data acquisition. And CNC systems. In many cases our CNC systems can be fitted to competitors machines to replace obsolete controls or to add extra features such as forward and reverse around a cut shape etc. Mach 3 upgrades to R-Tech and Swift Cut machines are easy to carry out with good results.
Techserv CNC, full featured CNC system for plasma, gas and waterjet cutters. Techserv CAM, automatic nesting software with dxf and nc1 import capabilities. Automatic and manual nesting, remnant nesting, generic shapes and cutting simulation. Profile Monitor 3, efficiency software for multiple machines, gas, plasma, waterjet or laser.

Graphically displays machine utilisation on a per minute basis and as a percentage utilisation. Profile monitor 5, efficiency software that links to the Techserv CNC systems and displays actual time to cut jobs, with job name and start / stop times.