Special Purpose Machinery

Bespoke Machines

Techserv design and build special purpose machines. Working closely with our customers we can take a project from conception through to completion, from producing proof of concept drawings and demonstration software to training the operators and quality control. We have a large portfolio of machines across the globe as references. Our large range of standard CNC cutting machines gives us a supply of pars that can be adapted to suit the needs of most projects and because our CNC system is written in house we can adapt it easily, saving the customer time and money. In house fabrication and waterjet cutting speeds up the manufacture of bespoke parts and therefore reduces the time to build.

Case studies


E.B. Hayward

Eleclink CNC Tube Cutting

Some of our projects are mentioned below :-

Data logging road paving machines

Plate sizing in steel mills

Measuring water flows in distillation columns

Cutting pins in aluminium smelters

Fork truck blades toes and tapers

Channel tunnel rails

Cutting lighting columns