CNC System Plasma cutter Upgrade

R-Tech Upgrade

We were contacted by a chap who had recently purchased a second hand R-Tech machine and wanted to upgrade the Mach 3 controller. He was not happy with the R-Tech CNC and thought it was difficult to use. We gave him a demonstration of our Techserv CNC and he bought it immediately. Fast forward a few weeks and the updated machine is working fine with a very happy owner, he says it is ‘fantastic’.

R Tech retrofit 2

R-Tech plasma machine mach 3

We can supply CNC upgrades for most Mach 3 based machines.

A few of the features are:

USB driven, no need for a parallel port, works with Windows 10.

Lots of generic, flexi shapes.

Automatic height sense built in with no need to enter any values.

Forward and reverse round programme, handy for lost cut recovery.

Built in line scanner.

Super hole, dxf import, G code import, NC1 import, SheetCam support.

Please see for more details.


run screen

CNC run screen

Nextmove ES motherboard and io

Techserv CNC system Mach 3 upgrade

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