CNC System Plasma cutter Upgrade

CNC System

cnc upgrade system for plasma machines and mach 3 systems

Our latest CNC system is a single box retrofit solution designed for stepper machines.

It features 3 axis plus Z control, initial height sense, arc voltage height sense, opto isolated I/O, full dsp motion control.

Coupled with a Windows 10 laptop, the CNC runs the full Techserv CNC software including flexi shapes, nesting, superhole, shape scanning etc.

It can be supplied with connectors to suit most machines including R-Tech, Swift Cut, Torchmate, Plasma Cam and others we haven’t even heard of yet.

As the software is the same as we use on all our machines it has a list of features other controllers can only dream of. Such as forward and revers round the cut path, lost cut recovery, shape select, built in flexi shapes, nesting, line scanning, plasma dcc ( may not as unique as claimed ) cut one part, full touch screen integration. etc


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