Plasma cutter

JCB Academy

Techserv Spark CNC plasma at JCB academy

Prince andrew

Prince Andrew seemed to find something funny when viewing the Techserv Spark plasma cutter at the JCB Academy in Rocester, the tall bloke behind doesn’t look too happy though.


About the JCB Academy

Established in 2010 by JCB and governed by a charitable trust, the academy is based in a carefully adapted and renovated mill, which (appropriately) was built by the famous industrial entrepreneur and engineer, Richard Arkwright, in the late 18th Century.

The academy is sponsored by JCB and, alongside other businesses including Bentley MotorsNetwork Rail and Rolls-Royce, they form our Core Challenge Partners who together develop our unique curriculum and learning techniques.


The Techserv Spark is a compact plasma cutter, designed for use in colleges , universities and jobbing shops. The Spark plasma cutter package includes a Hypertherm plasma pack with direct computer control (DCC).

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