Techserv, high quality Plasma, Gas, Waterjet & CNC systems

Blue Marlin

The most cost effective hi precision plasma cutting machine available.

Most competitors just offer stepper motors and belt drives, for the same price we fit high power brushless servo motors and planetary gearboxes.

Fantastic performance.

Direct cnc control of the plasma pack. Production sheet metal cutting upto 30 mm thick.

HS 4020

Perfect for the fabrication and jobbing shop. Conventional plasma and gas cutting.

The heavy duty HS 4020 will plasma cut upto 60 mm and gas cut upto 150 mm thick.

Industrial CNC with lots of built in shapes.

Automatic gas control makes it easy to use with very little operator training needed.

Easy Cut

The most versatile entry level cutting machine.

Perfect for the small jobbing shop.

Plasma and gas cutting combined. Gas cut steel upto 150 mm thick and plasma cut upto 22 mm.

PC based industrial CNC system.

Affordable and versatile.

HS 4000

The ultimate in Hi precision plasma cutting.

All aluminium construction with powerful brushless motors for high acceleration performance.

Loads of plasma and gas head options along with multiple driven heads.

Full industrial CNC system.

Upto 30 metres long.

The flagship plasma cutter.

GP 5000

Heavy duty gas cutting machine.

All steel construction, big motors and planetary gearboxes,

Multiple gas / plasma and marker heads.

Automatic gas pressure control.

Upto 50 metres long.

Stock holder cutting and large fabrications.


Prototyping and educational waterjet through to heavy duty production machines.

Easy to use, industrial CNC systems.

Cuts just about any shape in any material upto 150 mm thick.

No heat affected zone, no distortion, just perfect cutting.

CNC software

The very best CNC software available today.

Very easy to use, easy to learn, full of features you need.

Lots of useful generic shapes, import most cad and cnc files. Autonest, manual nest, automatic process control.

Windows 10, PC based touch screen interface. Online updates and support.

Techserv manufacture a full range of CNC plasma, gas, waterjet cutting machines and tables at our workshop in England, along with a broad portfolio of special purpose machines from cutting to data monitoring. We are specialists in all forms of cutting and motion control as can be seen in our blog.

Techserv cutting tables and special purpose machines are used world wide, our customers range from ‘Blue Chip’ engineering giants to sole traders. Each benefiting from our unrivaled technical support and knowledge.

Techserv have been trading since 1986 and have sold over 800 machines to date, most of these are large format cutting machines with the smaller jobbing machines being a recent addition to our range. Every system we sell uses our own in house designed CNC controller, this give us great flexibility when designing equipment it also help to make our machines cost effective, whilst offering exceptional performance.

Techserv CNC systems are PC based running Windows 10 and we offer online support and upgrades.

We believe that Techserv machines are the best in the market, combining high performance with realistic cost. Our technical ability is second to none and is always there to help you make the most of your Techserv machine. Telephone support by skilled engineers is freely available and given an internet connection we can log in to your system and remotely diagnose your machine. All our systems have the ability to directly control your plasma pack saving you setup time, consumable life and as a result money. Buying a machine is only part of the journey, after sales support is critical to make the most of your purchase, which is why customers buy multiple machines from Techserv.

Our range of machines and details of the CNC system can be seen on this website.

For more information or a demonstration of our systems

Automatic welding

In collaboration with Equipcentre we have designed and manufactured an automatic welding system to weld deep sea drilling heads. Powered by a PC based touch screen controller, the system looks after all aspects of the process, including: Arc...

Twin head plasma

Quite an old machine now, still interesting though. Techserv HS 4000 plasma cutter fitter with two Kaliburn ( now Lincoln Electric ) Spirit 400 plasma packs.  The Techserv CNC system automatically sets the head spacing on the individually driven...

ESAB Restoration

We recently dragged this ESAB plasma back to life by removing the obsolete controls and fitting a new Techserv CNC system along with Omron brushless drives, planetary gearboxes and a fully automatic height sense head.    

Bunnings and Top Gear

G.T. Bunnings of Dereham had a feature on Top Gear recently when one of their spreaders was used to demolish a Volvo and a shed. Bunnings...

Fork Toe Cutter

Techserv CNC automatic toe gas cutter

CNC Plasma, Gas, Waterjet

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